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Sligo Library Publications

As part of Sligo Libraries ongoing development and commitment to the public to whom we serve, we have dedicated ourselves to producing various publications which would encompass and portray several different areas of our service.

Items have already been realised, such as Review booklets which promote what the Service does within a stated fiscal year to Literary Journals which portray the deep vein of talent that Sligo and it surroundings have to offer in relation to Poetry and Prose.

Other topics of interest especially in relation to local history are also hoped to be addressed in the near future. As the Local history Library houses a large collection of material, with particular reference to the local surroundings, we hope to be able to compile and produce a piece of work unique to this area.

From the list below you can see what items are already available for perusal and we hope to add many more over the coming years. If you would like to contact us with any queries or issues raised you can do so at the email address

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